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The membership of the association will cease when hospital/ nursing home cease to function or their registration with local govt. authority or Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation is revoked

The name of member may be removed from register of members on account of any misconduct, misdemeanor by hospital or nursing home or any other cause deemed to be good & sufficient enough by Executive Committee.

A. Full time member:

  • Hospital or nursing home should be registered with Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation or local Govt. authority in order to become full time member of AHNA.
  • It should be located in Ahmedabad or within fifty km. radius of Ahmedabad.

B. Affiliation of other medical organizations:

  • Consultant’s associations/organizations having similar aims & objectives can get affiliated with AHNA.
  • The organization should be based in Ahmedabad.

Note: Government Hospitals, Government aided Hospitals & Hospitals attached with Medical Colleges are excluded from getting membership with AHNA

Category No. Category Specialities No. of beds Joining Fees Annual Fees
I Nursing Homes Owned by single doctor, mostly single specialty Up to 15/Day care 2000/- 1000/-
II Small Hospitals Owned by single doctor or a group of doctors, Multi specialty 16 to 50 5000/- 2000/-
III Mid-Size Hospitals Owned by doctors/Non doctors 51 to 100 10000/- 5000/-
VI Large hospitals/Corporate hospitals
  1. Privately Owned
  2. Owned by Corporates
  3. Owned by Trusts
Single specialty or multi specialty. Owned by doctors Corporates, trust. However the nature of business is “For profit” 101 beds & above or multispecialty hospitals and other locations. 100000/- 20000/-

A. AHNA will help members during emergency situations by showing solidarity through:

  • Mobilizing other members to reach hospitals/nursing home requiring help.
  • Enrolling help of security agencies in case of violence against hospital/doctors
  • Representing issues legally

B. Assisting members in purchase of equipments through a common website.

C. Providing a common platform to lodge complaints & take necessary actions against equipment manufacturers and other companies which fail in providing after sales services as committed.

D. Providing assistance for maintenance of hospitals/nursing homes through rate contracts.

E. Helping members to get best rates for loans from bank.

F. Evolving policies such as antibiotic policy etc. in common interest for hospitals & nursing homes.

G. Representing various issues in matter of insurance companies, government schemes, taxes etc faced by the AHNA members.

H. Verification of employees before being hired by the nursing homes and hospitals.

Any eligible hospital or nursing home desirous of becoming a member of AHNA shall fill the prescribed form (click here) & must agree to abide by all rules & bylaws of the Association.

The form should be completely filled & submitted along with the membership fees as specified in fees structure. The fees can be paid through NEFT, cheque or draft.

The application will be checked & verified by AHNA Executive Committee.

If the provisional member is not ratified by the executive committee because of any cogent reason, the member will cease to remain on the rolls of AHNA member list and the membership fees after deducting any admission fee will be returned back to applicant.

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