About AHNA

The Ahmedabad Hospitals & Nursing Homes Association has been established with a view to promote solidarity and brotherhood among all the member hospitals and nursing homes of Ahmedabad and surrounding areas within a radius of fifty kilometers.

Vision & Mission


To forge a relationship amongst various healthcare providers of the city & surrounding areas (within 50 km) and by doing so, to promote unity among the healthcare providers. To promote ethical & evidence-based health care and advocate preventive health care practices amongst the general public for creating a healthy society in the state.

To share knowledge related to healthcare and healthcare management and to create an environment of mutual trust and camaraderie.

To initiate and advocate path breaking healthcare reforms and to strive for a harmonious doctor- patient relationship.


To assist the member hospitals and nursing homes for provision of quality healthcare to every citizen of the nation.

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President's Message

Dr. Bharat Gadhavi

In a vibrant democracy like India, changes can happen only through collective actions. Doctors & Hospitals have remained away from their collective actions. To bring a change in the healthcare scenario in India, it is time that we become united and fight battles together.

Ahmedabad Hospitals & Nursing Homes Association